St. Francis Garden

The Francis statue with dove in hand was brought from Italy and invites Marywood visitors to reflect on and pray for peace in our lives and the world.

The St. Francis Garden was created in 2003 as a tribute to all creation. The garden was the first of many steps to enhance the landscape surrounding the Emmaus building and the cabins. Today, the Marywood grounds are aglow with greenery, trees – young and old – and seasonal flowers for your enjoyment.

The generosity of Marywood benefactors has assisted in the construction and development of the St. Francis Garden, as well as the ongoing maintenance of Marywood buildings and furnishings. We are grateful for this ongoing support. All benefactors are held in prayer by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, La Crosse, in their round-the-clock adoration and at every gathering for prayer at Marywood.