Map and Directions


Located at 3560 US Hwy 51 N in Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin, Marywood is approximately a 3-hour drive from Madison, Duluth and Green Bay, a 4-hour drive from Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul and La Crosse and a 6-hour drive from Chicago. The closest airport, the Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport (RHI), is a 40-minute drive from Marywood. In Summer months, MaxAir offers a Chicago-Northwoods shuttle service to the Lakeland Airport in Woodruff, 8 miles from Marywood. You may call the Marywood staff at 715-385-3750 to see if we are available to assist with an airport pick-up when you come for your retreat.

3560 US Hwy 51 N., Arbor Vitae, WI 54568

Driving Directions to Marywood

From the South
  • Proceed North on US Hwy 51 through Minocqua and Woodruff (the two are connected).
  • Continue past State Hwy 70 EAST sign located North of Woodruff, about 8 miles North on US Hwy 51 past County Road M, and past County Road N.
  • As you pass County Road N, look for the green sign on the right side of road, “Trout Lake Rd.”
  • Marywood’s driveway is on the right immediately North of that sign.
From the North
  • Proceed South on US Hwy 51.
  • Continue past County Hwy H; 0.7 miles past the “Trout Lake Golf Course” sign.
  • Turn left into Marywood’s driveway.

Approximate distance and time to Marywood from:

Ashland 95 miles/ 1 hour
45 minutes
Chicago 365 miles/ 6 hours
Duluth 165 miles/ 3 hours
Green Bay 206 miles/ 3 hours
30 minutes
Houghton 128 miles/ 2 hours
15 minutes
La Crosse 252 miles/ 4 hours
15 minutes
Madison 220 miles/ 3 hours
30 minutes
Marquette 165 miles/ 3 hours
Milwaukee 285 miles/ 5 hours
Stevens Point 111 miles/ 2 hours
Superior 160 miles/ 3 hours
Twin Cities 245 miles/ 4 hours
15 minutes