Spiritual Direction

Work with a Spiritual Director

Spiritual direction is a one-on-one meeting between a director and a person seeking a deeper relationship with God. The focus is awareness of God in everyday life.

A spiritual director assists in:

  • expressing struggles, pains, joys, and gratitude
  • recognizing God’s presence in everyday life and in prayer
  • savoring and responding to one’s experience of God
  • discovering interior changes and the affects on relationships and life’s journey
  • moving toward greater inner freedom, joy and integration
  • processing aspects of growth toward wholeness

Marywood Offers Spiritual Direction Via Skype

Marywood is using Skype (free computer video and voice calls with those using Skype) to assist persons looking for an alternative to traveling long distances and to care for earth. With Skype you can save long distance fees as well. When you wish to consult with a Marywood staff person, just Skype us.

If you register with Skype (a free service on the internet) and obtain a web cam (vary in price), you may wish to consider Spiritual Direction with Marywood’s spiritual directors via Skype. The online connection is free and private. We suggest the usual donation to help meet our staff time costs.

For information about on-site spiritual direction and a list of our trained spiritual directors, please visit the spiritual direction page.

Our Spiritual Directors

Qualified spiritual directors available through Marywood are:

Sister Elizabeth Amman, OP
Certification through the Dominican Center at Marywood, Grand Rapids, MI

Sister Mary Ellen Green,OP
Certification through Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA

Sister Marla Lang, FSPA
Certification through the Institute for Spiritual Leadership, Chicago, IL

Rev. Grant Van Lishout
Certification through the Franciscan Spirituality Center, La Crosse, WI

Pat Pintens
Certification through Creighton University, Omaha, NE

For background information on Marywood’s spiritual directors, please see staff.

A person usually meets with a spiritual director every three to five weeks. The suggested donation is $30.00 to $50.00 per one-hour session.

For more information on spiritual direction, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.